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Why you should <b><u>partner with us</u></b>

Why you should partner with us

We don’t aim to impress – impressing will be a natural byproduct of our efficiency, authenticity and sincere desire to get down and dirty in the trenches of your business and help you build a legacy you can hook your name on.


Human Capital refers to the health, knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes embodied in your individual team members, who facilitate the creation of direct and indirect value and economic wellbeing of your business.

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Tanya, with 16 years of experience in diverse HR and management fields, brings forth a unique mix of traditional and creative strategies. Her leadership values integrity, collaboration, and decisiveness. Equipped with a B.Comm in HR Management and various certifications, she's also a passionate advocate for women's dignity in various contexts.

Tanya Roux


Lydia, a renowned speaker on self-mastery and women's empowerment, specialises in corporate NLP skills, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and women's empowerment in business. As a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner with HR training, she also guides young people in career choices based on their strengths, personality, and behavior, encapsulating her philosophy in her Leadership Zip Line book series.

Lydia Roux

Master NLP Coach & Executive Management Consultant

Sonya, a B.Com HR Management and post-grad Psychology graduate, boasts a decade-long career consulting in various sectors, including transportation and fitness. With experience in HR, project management, and employee wellness, she has helped companies implement wellness programs, using her psychology and fitness qualifications. While engaging in the corporate world, Sonya continues her passion for CrossFit as a certified personal trainer and participant in events like "Last Man Standing" and "CrossFit Open".

Sonya Carrack

Senior Hr & Talent Acquisition Consultant

SJ Grobler has made significant strides in compliance regulatory legislation via strategic partnerships globally. With a start in Retail Management, he established Grobler & Associates in 1997, specialising in labour relations, risk identification, and change management. He played a key role in establishing Joint Bargaining Forums and served as the organizer of the South African United Employers Organization, demonstrating his expertise in labour-related forums and occupational health and safety compliance.

SJ Grobler

Senior Labour Law & IR Advisor

Graduating cum laude with an LLB, Loren, admitted as an Attorney in 2019, transitioned from practice to serve as in-house legal counsel for various companies. Specialising in commercial drafting, she is noted for her keen ability to identify loopholes in strategy, articulate complex issues, and contribute solution-oriented perspectives.

Loren Solomon

Senior Commercial Law Advisor

Joe, a seasoned geologist and business executive, has garnered 18 years of strategic advising experience in executive roles for leading private and public entities across multiple continents. With a comprehensive understanding of the mining value chain, advisory roles outside the mining industry, and government consulting, Joe, a former international sportsman and national captain, currently helms Baobab Steel and Vanadium as CEO.

Joe Van Wyk

CSO & Executive Strategy Advisor

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