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About Us

Our <b><u>Story</u></b>

Our Story

Our legacy is ten years in the making – we have assisted countless clients (companies and individuals) in navigating the HR minefield, not only in South Africa, but globally, over the past decade.

In our quest to humanize the HR function, we have inadvertently developed our skills basket across all functions of small to medium size, scaling and established businesses. We have an intricate understanding of the saying “crossed fingers don’t hold up bridges”.

Fast forward to 2023 and we expanded


Get To Know us


Tanya, a seasoned HR consultant, navigates the complexities of human resources with expertise. Her strategic insights and interpersonal skills empower organizations to optimize their talent, foster inclusive workplaces, and drive sustainable growth.

Tanya Roux


Lydia, a dynamic HR consultant, excels in aligning organizational goals with human capital. With a keen eye for talent, she cultivates high-performing teams, fosters a culture of innovation, and propels businesses towards success.

Lydia Roux


Sonya, a compassionate HR consultant, combines empathy with strategic acumen. She champions employee well-being, implements diversity initiatives, and creates environments where individuals thrive, enabling companies to achieve exceptional performance.

Sonya Carrack


SJ Grobler, a visionary HR consultant, drives transformative change through people-centric strategies. With a focus on talent development and organizational effectiveness, SJ cultivates agile cultures, fueling innovation and propelling businesses to new heights.

SJ Grobler

Lauren, a results-driven HR consultant, specializes in optimizing workforce productivity. Through data-driven insights, she enhances performance management systems, nurtures employee engagement, and empowers organizations to maximize their competitive advantage.

Loren Solomon

Joe, a seasoned HR consultant, is renowned for his expertise in talent acquisition and retention. With a strategic mindset and strong recruitment techniques, he helps companies build high-performing teams, ensuring sustained growth and success in a competitive market.

Joe Van Wyk

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