Leaning into a concept of swivelling on one’s heel into another direction and associating that with the nuances which underpin businesses of all sizes, is a little like that unnerving conversation your dad had with you when it came to making subject choices aligned to your career path – it feels so… permanent.

What if it doesn’t work or what if I can’t meet the commitment required to evolve it into something transformational, scalable, and sustainable?  And as business owners there is that extra layer of worry – what if I disappoint my people and I must let some of them go, or all of them?

Pivoting rings different for business owners and entrepreneurs – it’s a messy mixture of “WHAT ifs” mixed in with “what IFs” sprinkled with anxiety, dipped in the thrill of creating.  It’s more than a feeling for us, it’s the way we live life – it’s the way we approach risk and reward.

Previously known as Seasoned HR Solutions, the name says it all – we delivered seasoned, tailored HR solutions.  9 Years, one global pandemic and a whole lot of school fees later, I realized that pivoting is inevitable when you reach a certain point of running the risk of becoming stale, boring and seriously bored!  Pivoting, for me, looked like expanding and rebranding.  Evolution is how we get to transformation and transformation is how we build legacies that outlast the person.  Human Capital Collective is about building legacies – those of our clients and our own.

The opportunities and the set-backs we encounter in life sets us up for learning either a wider skill set or a deeper skill set and the emotional maturity that comes from taking risks and losing, is something no-one can teach you – the authentic display of grace (because you’ve been on the losing side before) when you hit your mark, is something no-one can ever take from you.

And so, we learn that life is a series of “attack or defend” moments and strategies, representing us with a choice of playing offense or defence every day, and although there are always surprises in life and in business, I choose to play offense, always.  I choose to pivot, and I have curated a killer team to help you with your pivoting.

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