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Loren completed her LLB Degree Cum Laude at the University of the Free State in 2016, served her articles under Brand Potgieter attorneys and was admitted as an Attorney in June 2019. Loren left practice in 2020 whereafter, she pursued a career as the in-house legal counsel for various companies. She specializes in commercial drafting including but not limited to the drafting of general corporate agreements such as commercial leases, residential leases, joint venture agreements, employment contracts and disciplinary codes, non-disclosure agreements and general contracts. What makes Loren such an integral part of the team, is her ability to see the loopholes and pitfalls in every detail of the strategies we build with clients and she is able to articulate in a way where everyone understands and can add value to the conversation. She is solutions-focused and if a loophole exists, she will find it.
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