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Your talent deserves a space to flourish!

Whether you are actively looking or just want to keep your options open, send us a message and let’s onboard you onto our Top Talent Database.

Being part of our TTD means that we can connect you with our fabulous clients quickly and effortlessly when you are ready to make a move.

How it works:

  1. Complete the form and submit your updated resume.
  2. We will screen your Resume and set up an initial 20 minute zoom call to meet and clarify any questions we may have and to discuss next steps, whether you are actively looking or just wanting to keep your options open.

Benefits of being part of our Top Talent Database:

  1. We guide you on your career path – the benefit of having HR and Management Consultants guiding your career, is a benefit standard recruitment Agencies cannot offer.
  2. We don’t recruit – we acquire talent and connect the right talent with the right Employer Brands for a symbiotic fit.
  3. We might be based in South Africa, but we operate globally!
  4. As part of our acquisition journey with you, we do your enneagram as part of your profile when positioning you with clients who might be interested in your professional profile. Should you want a copy of your full report, we offer it to you at a 50% discount.
  5. Chances are we will be passing you by in the corridors of your future employer, as we are partnered with most of our clients on a retainer basis, assisting with HR, Talent Management and Management Consulting. In other words, we intend to build a long term relationship with you and ensure you land where you can flourish.

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    Where talent meets its data-driven destiny
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